Let’s Makeout!

presenting… NINA MAKEOUT SKins for ladies! 3 skintones: pale, tan & dark, and as usual all the tones are on the light side. most of the makeups include normal lipstick along with a smeared makeout option. some are just singles and offer no makeout options since the lipstick on those are light. each makeup pack includes normal breasts and enhanced breasts options too.

pick up some COPY and TRANSFER Lipstick Marks, so you can make out alot!

the shapes made for these skins are small, a little bit elfin, and sweet – but the skins look nice on more stauesque shapes too. so, i also made a more model-y shape as a Special Edition that comes with the Tan smoky skin for only L$100. available thru May 26.

And now, for a sampling of the makeups which are available at MIASNOW Main Store:

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