Ok, i know… i’m behind the times, hopping on the gacha craze a wee bit late. but who cares, cuz i’ve got some cute (and some dangerous) L$25 prizes for you! *holds up all the shiny things*

First up, we have the ubiquitous promo info poster! *ha-cha!*

all the prizes are transferable, and this could come in handy… especially with the very scary and dangerous STABBED prizes! yay! gore and violence!! here it comes…

Stabbed in the Heart makes a wonderful gift! comes with bloody knife and bloody wound on all 3 torso layers.

Stabbed in the Back is an eloquent and succinct way to let someone know how you feel!

Eyeball cleanser!!! UNICORNS!!! *rubs eyes*

AwwwW, Unicorn Sweety hopes you have a great day! ♥

Unicorn Lucky is feelin’… well, uh.. lucky. >.>

Gentlemen, buddy up with Unicorn Tux… he’ll help you schmooze the ladies.

if all the cuteness makes your eyes bleed, perhaps you’d enjoy some bloodshot eyeballs in SL to match the ones you sport in RL? Unicorn Lucky says it’s your lucky day! 5 colors to choose from… red, blue, brown, green, and here is the creepy cloudy version. *blink blink*


Thank goodness for seeing the world through heart-shaped, rose-color glasses! the final prize!

You can find these in the machine @ MIASNOW Main Store Entrance. just inside, and available through the month of June!!!!! (i’ll stop excessively !!!!!’ing now!)


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