Dear Adam,

Dear Adam, oh it’s been a fun few weeks with you, but now i must let you go… run, run into the pixel arms of another! GO i say… Just gooooo! *sob*…

33 male skins! 4 human skintones and a drow. ALOT of options. and each facial style comes with both bald and hair version. choices of dark or lite brows for many of them. various degrees of beard stubble, lucious lips, realistic detailing, and looks good on alot of different shapes, while maintaining individuality. there’s even a redhead with freckles! something for everyone & perfect for an everyday look or maybe a day on the farm… or firefighting… wrestling… chopping wood… *mind wanders about other manly activities* anyway, i’m proud because Adam is my personal best skin creation so far!

Adam’s body is a must see… rippling abs, taught skin, slightly weathered face, chiseled hip muscles (wtf do you call that area?)… anyway… he’s HOT and SLgirl approved as totally do-able.

visit MIASNOW Main Store, 2nd floor, to see all the options and try them on! here’s a sampling of the variety^^ enjoy!

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