There have been some changes @ MIASNOW recently! the store has been remodeled and is more organized and easy to explore. skins get main focus on the 1st floor, with mens, ladies, human and fantasy, all in one location. skin prices currently range from L$199 to L$599.

tho i’ll sorely miss my old SMERSH factory ;; the new building is an excellent MOD/COPY find from SkyLabs. all their prefabs are easily viewed via rezzer and are only L$199 each!

be sure to visit my booth at the Harajukobox 2010 Skin Faire which ends on the 17th, and the girl’s sunburn skin is an exclusive so it won’t be available later.

also, as mentioned in the previous post, i’ve installed a Riotvend and Lucky Board in the mainstore. i’ll be switching the prizes out every couple of weeks. and starting tomorrow is the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2. it starts @ The U-neek, and includes some really wild designs from Grim Bros, ((RIPE)), and Tekeli-li to name a few^^! MIASNOW is store #21 of 52 participating stores. and last bit of news… check out Tart Gallery on Saturday, July 24. MiaSnow Myriam is gonna be one of the male models! O.o

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