Scripted Photography HUD

MIASNOW HUD – PHOTO FX variety (wear, touch) is a handy, easy-to-use photography and machinima tool and is LOADED with options. it allows you to overlay borders, effects, and animated textures on top of your screenshot scene. there are 26 Textures and 18 Animated Textures! you can also choose from pre-selected colors, and change the transparency & size of each overlay, even the animated ones. see the demo inworld at MIASNOW Main Store, and purchase from Xstreet to gift it to someone.

26 TEXTURES: 3 frost frames, 2 grunge overlays, 3 various frames, 5 old photo frames, 2 triptych frames, 2 round frames, 2 widescreens, 1 curtain, 5 lens flares.

18 ANIMATED TEXTURES: 3 scan lines (aqua, red, green), rainbow fire effect, snow, rain, 2 water reflections (good for underwater scenes!), 2 halo starry effects (gold & pink), 2 space black hole or nebula effects (purple & green), static, warp speed (stars rushing by), settling smoke, 3 flickering screens.

here’s a sample of unedited, straight-from-SL photos, taken at JASstore.

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