Gother Than Thou… Rad Mind – Hunts!

The Thrifty Goth and Rad Minds Inc. groups both have hunt/sales starting Friday, August 13th. i made some realistic eyes for the Rad Minds Inc. 20L Hunt. ELITE Eyes, a UNISEX 7-pack, featuring highlights, realistic detailing, and eyelash reflections. the iris is oversized, and there is a bit of bloodshot, also eyelid shading. the hunt starts here and you’ll be looking for red lips. check out the blog.

The Gother Than Thou Hunt, features L$0 prizes from The Thrifty Goth Sponsors… like me! i made some UNISEX bloody eye attachments^^ these items are modifiable, so you can play with the color, glow, full bright, etc. For this hunt, you’ll be searching for a red skull and it starts here. check out the blog for them too, and have a creepy good time \m/ \m/

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