The cutest stuff is newly released for the OMG THATS ADORABLE! L$99 or less gridwide SALE. see the full PARTICIPANTS LIST, and be sure to visit JASstore for the shooting stars in all these photos. Jasmine set out a blue & black display which I played in for a while, then I went to my photobox to rez some other colors. all the floaty poses are part of the sale too.

Perky Gummies Dress by Acid & Mala, capris by * Rezlpsa Loc *, Mischief bag by DECO which litters as you walk! Cutiepie Dimples skin by Mynerva makes me feel like a doll, plus a sweetie little Narwhal Plush Friend shoulder pet by ~silentsparrow~. other items pictured but not in the sale are hair by ChiChickie and shoes by HOC.

The darling little birdys (in the hand & in the mouth) are part of a pose and prop set by { Just a Pose }. Adorable Pet makeup by MIASNOW on the Mynerva skin, and wearing a cozy sexy Cotton Shirt Dress by !mPS!

Ahhh… floating, lingerie, chickens…. wha!? Plain Olivia outfit by Pig and the wonderfully kooky charming jewelry by DooDads, aptly named Chicken. shown with the Mynerva skin.

Fetching pink “My Other Ride is a Unicorn” shirt by * Rezlpsa Loc *, Adorable Pet makeup by MIASNOW on Mynerva skin, paired with the bottom part of Acid & Mala’s Gummies Dress… and a big smile, RL & SL!

more pics later 🙂

3 thoughts on “OMG THATS ADORABLE! more pics!

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