OMG! 5 More Days of L$99 or less Sale!

The OMG THATS ADORABLE! L$99 or less gridwide sale is still on through September 13th, so you still have time to get the deals/exclusives while they last! there are only 26 stores to visit and all the items are prominently displayed and easy to locate. just look for the sign displayed next to the items. check out the  PARTICIPANT LIST, some pics, and some more pics which i posted earlier. i found great coverage of all the items at theRumor, and more at FabFree with really cute pics of some of the items.

Look for the sign.

[Sassy Kitty Designs] Prima Ballerina Dress, [ bubble ] Shroomy Umbrella and Hairband are all sale items. other items made by participants, shown but not in the sale are: tattoo by mY pINKIE sKULL, jewelry by Acid & Mala, [ bubble ] photobox, and skin & eyes by MIASNOW. hair is by ChiChickie.

+++BB+++ PandaCute Dress is available in a bunch of color choices. the fishnets are just part of a complete outfit set from Ducknipple. a complete outfit!! the Adorable Pet Makeup is by MIASNOW. i tried to make the spots perfect for dog/cat/panda… whatever animal you want to be.

#Soleil# – Yum Yum dress + { Just A Pose } Fall Feathered Friend (prop & poses) + Mynerva Cutiepie Dimples skin + particles & stars by JASstore = AaawwW!

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