Witch Hats

These hats are sculpted by my alt account, A+ SCULPT! i think they are good for male or female witches. the fabric band is slightly feminine, but if tinted darker, no one would know… & that could be your own dirty little secret \(^o^)/ There are 4 different detail options including, um, no details, feathers, apple & feathers, and my super special favorite with potion stash, magic particles, and feathers. the potion hat will also be included in a witch outfit coming in October, so hold out if you think you might want the whole outfit! but if you can’t wait, these range in price from only L$100 to L$120. and since i’m mentioning cost, i want to say that my items on The Marketplace (which i’m liking so far) are priced L$20 more than inworld… buut, i plan on holding some special markdowns there, so watch out! L$10 eye pack, what!? i don’t know what you’re talking about… i think the potions are leaking through my hat.


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