Let the Bizarre Begin!

Welcome October! Halloween Bizarre starts officially today @ Mirrordeep sim between MIASNOW Main Store & JASstore, and will be open thru Oct 31. the carts offer a smattering of ooky goods and fresh finds for your Halloween freak. lots of Viewer 2 makeups, like an unbelievably beauteous sugar skull from La Malvada Mujer, and creepy gore by *AQ face tattoos*. the classic JASbroom 3000 is only L$1! if you’re into the horrific, Meat ‘N’ More probably has something for you… care for an arm? flesh tie maybe? hmm?

Also today, Nylon Outfitters has “First 50L Friday Item everrrr“, yay!… this gorgeous African Carved Rose dress in black & white. Olive Juice made the cute little fall stool. i love the tangle of branches underneath and the poses are adorable.

the orange pony boot is from JASstore and features a little bit of bling & skulls. the stockings and gloves are coming soon by MIASNOW as part of a complete witch outfit. and my favorite hair everrRrrRRr (*this week) by lamb. i sure can’t mod it to fit my head right. i mean, i just Can’t! but idc, i ❤ it just like everyone else.

*cough* *cough* Zombina Brainlicker skin and zombie eyes can be found inside my brain (if you can find that) during the Hunt of the Living Dead, which started today. and men, i remembered you too. in the same brain you’ll find Zomboy Brainmuncher. *cough* *cough*

the atmosphere right now in Mirrordeep is oooOOOoooo and ahhhhHHhh pretty creepy eerie other-worldly.

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