Steals and Deals

The target number has been reduced in the Mini Mania, to 5 instead of 10. this is making the lockdown occur faster, but there’s an increase in ppl clicking too late to enter the round. nothing can be done about the time waited, so just keep trying if you aren’t lucky quickly!

that’s someone’s fishy flying by 🙂

While you’re there, if you have L$25 to spare, for some fun you can detonate the Prize Bomb. it gives the payer the best prize and also scatters prizes to 7 ppl in the crowd.

The RiotVend item is cool glossy black eyeliner, compatible with Viewer 2 face layers. the price drops as low as L$55.

There are 2 Lucky Boards atm, one for girls, one for guys. the lucky letter changes every 5 minutes.

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