For the Love of Fall

@ MIASNOW Main Store, a free female skin in 4 skintones with 4 color tintable brows included. the skin is called FRESH and is an introduction to a new set i’m currently working my fingers to the bone on! pick the freebie up, starting today @ 4pm SLT, in the FTLO Fall Hunt! you’ll be searching for a tiny robot, and i’m gonna hide it good! my hint: “Skin FTW”. you don’t even need to know what FTW means and that could be another hint. the hunt lasts 3 weeks. look up “For the Love of…” group for additional info.

unedited screenshots, using MIASNOW Photo FX Variety HUD, MIASNOW eyes and lashes, and hair by !lamb.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Fall

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