Fresh Skin

Skins by MIASNOW… FRESH TintableBrow!

it’s a whole skin system, with lots of options.

Pale, Tan, Exotic, & Dark skintones.
6 base makeups to choose individually or in fatpacks:
–Nude with Blush
–Cateye with Pale Lip
–Scarlet Lips
–Smokey Eye with Nude Lip
–Dramatic (red lips, smokey eye, beauty mark)

All the FRESH skins have a default brown brow. but a pack of Color Brows is available so you can fully customize your look. change your brow color any time! this feature increases the variety of unique looks that you can create for your avatar.

all the colors in the skin system were made to coordinate specifically with hair by !lamb.

optional breast options available in BIG and SMALL on Viewer 2 compatible tattoo, & regular Undershirt layers.

3 makeup packs, 10 options in each. guaranteed only to work with any FRESH TintBrow skintone. you can purchase the packs with just Makeup… or choose a skintone pack which also includes BIG and SMALL Breast options along with the makeup! both on the same tattoo layer!! yay! the freedom of an unoccupied Undershirt layer! the makeups offer a variety of freckles, eyeshadows, black lips, eyeliners, and shaved hairbase!


FRESH skin has a uvula!

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