Tintable Bundly Sweater Outfit!

This complete outfit is made in neutral tones, which you can color in edit mode!

some ideas for the skirt…

so… tint this outfit any way you want!

includes hat, sweater (short & long), mittens, miniskirt, and even boots! every prim and clothing layer is mod/copy, so you can copy, tint, rename, & save your colorful creations to wear again. looks great all in 1 color, or go wild mixing it up. to go back to the original color, just tint everything white. the number of prims used is minimal, so making a custom-colored new look only takes a few minutes!… and its snuggly, warm, & wonderful! pair with your favorite tights or winter stockings and stay bundly!

available on the SL Marketplace and inworld @ MIASNOW Main Store.

pictured: MIASNOW Fresh skin & makeup, ChiChikie hair, & Del May poses.

One thought on “Tintable Bundly Sweater Outfit!

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