Rainbows, Cotton, & Cords!

Happy 2011! I hope its a great year for everyone, blessed with health, contentment, and prosperity! Now, on to…. OMG new ladies thingys…!

This longsleeve cotton jersey tshirt is cute, soft, and shows off how cold you are & a little bit of belly, though its long enough for full coverage if you wear higher waist pants.  Recolor in edit mode and save copies, or just wear it white. Its helpful to tint the arm prims first, then you can use the eyedropper tool to match the shirt layer.

Tintable, white corduroy pants come with unscripted button and leg prims which you can easily modify & color in Edit mode.

Available also in a 4-color pretinted pack for convenience.

And the shirt is too.

Pair it with some lively rainbow accessories, like the scarf & fingerless gloves set which will be part of this week’s 69L Hump Day Happiness. Catch the sale item in my store Jan 5, 2011 only!

The Rainbow Bag is a over-the-shoulder messenger which has scripted resize and hardware color.

While I was making the pants & shirt, I was wearing Ducknipple’s Harry Shoes, which I LOVE. So they inspired the whole rainbow accessory theme & the Rainbow Kicker Sneakers \o/. The textiles in my set match for the scarf, gloves, bag, & shoes, in herringbone, canvas, & slightly subdued rainbow stripes.

All items available inworld at MIASNOW Main Store and the Marketplace. Shown here with Curious Kitties hair, MIASNOW makeup, and Del May poses.

2 thoughts on “Rainbows, Cotton, & Cords!

  1. Love this entire look. 🙂 Look forward to getting the items the next time I’m on. Can you also fill me in on the CK hair name? TYVM

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