Butterfly Girl & The Sea Hole

Butterfly Girl and The Sea Hole are 2 cute stores on Twomoons Island which are perfect for bringing out the girly girl in you.

Butterfly Girl has a fanciful & peaceful environment outside.

Inside the store you can find all these lovely home furnishings, and more.

The Sea Hole features creative & unique fashion for ladies and fantasy plant decor as shown outside.

Twomoons Island is a big place with lots to shop and places to relax with friends. All week, I’ll feature more spots! The island’s main entrance is located near teleporters. There’s a beach, hidden places, and stores selling art, clothing for men & women, skins, shapes, tattoos, viewer 2 makeups, poses, props, particles, plants, eyes, sealife, palm trees, sharks, toast, and so much more! So please go visit!


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