Relax don’t do it!

Happy weekend! It’s time to just relax, chat with friends, and take it easy. All week I’ve featured some of the stores located on Twomoons Island… but the island is so much more than just shopping. It’s a wonderful place to chill out, with lots of fantasy nighttime ambiance.

Sit by the beach campfire at JASstore.

Play billiards beachside… located behind the Hut Mall. Just touch the table for instructions which appear in chat mode.

Impress someone with your musical skills on this playable keyboard… located on the left, behind the Hut Mall as you face towards it.

Play Tic Tac Toe under the rainbow waterfall. To get down there, just head right as you are facing the waterfall and you’ll drop down. You can exit the window down there too^^

Surfer girls rule underneath lurveBite!

There are even more special areas to enjoy, but I’ll leave you with a pic of the pool area by the beach. Have a good weekend and remember to relax and don’t do it (whatever it is!)

2 thoughts on “Relax don’t do it!

  1. Just joined today,—no idea what I am doing—or where I am going to.

    Luv Nick.—this si so complicated, I may just stick to Squabble (scrabble).

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