March Mint Madness!

30 creators! Items L$130 & under! Take this TP and you’ll see 4 directions you can walk for deals. Go into MIASNOW Main Store for minty items, walk down the path past the RIPE & *cheap cheap* carts, down to JASstore for more items. Walk past the rainbow waterfall, and follow it all the way around for carts and an item available inside India Ink Gallery. And head down towards the beach for more carts and participating stores in the Hut Mall.



2. JASstore

3. India Ink Gallery

4. Zola Zsun

5. [ni.Ju]

6. TA Eyes

7. [ bubble ]


9. Butterfly Girl

10. Just A Pose

11. KOSH


13. Gilded

14. RezIpsa Loc

15. Grixdale


17. Needful Things

18. PIG

19. Estetica


21. ~silentsparrow~

22. ( R E D ) M I N T

23. Lazy Places

24. RIPE

25. +++BLUE BLOOD+++

26. Schadenfreude

27. Lolapop!

28. HelaMiyo

29. *cheap cheap*

30. Apelz

9 thoughts on “March Mint Madness!

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