Mystical Spring Green

Items from March Mint Madness:
-Fantasy glow ears, necklace with built-in pose, and glowing mint flower by [ni.Ju] by Vitani Jun. You can find these items by her, and more, on a cart near the Hut Mall. Also check out her Hut Mall store, nearby.

-Charlotte Tattoo by ~silentsparrow~ whose cart is near [ni.Ju]’s. More ~silentsparrow~ March Mint Madness item coverage coming soon!

-Mint outfit by Gilded. The leaves are very realistic and the underside of the skirt is shaded… such a nice detail! Perfect for any spring fairy or exhibitionist!

-Mint & Berry Warpaint skin, mint leaf in mouth, and headband by MIASNOW.

Items not from the mint event:
-Hair by !lamb. and tiptoes by SLink. Also, the frame is MIASNOW HUD – Photo FX Variety. See the demo in the accessory building inside my store space.

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