Mint Tea Time

Mint tea! The soothing-relaxing forget-it-all time 🙂 Items found at March Mint Madness event going now thru March 30th on Twomoons Island.

Shirt: Grixdale

Pants: KOSH

Belt: CONCRETE FLOWERS cheapie at the mint event


Shoes: Lazy Places

Turquoise Jewelry: ((RIPE))

Lipstick: KOSH

Octobuddy: Lazy Places

Tea cup, cupcake wrapper, book with tree, pink hat box (item packaging with pose), and candles by *cheap cheap*

Location: a little hidden spot on Twomoons Island, take the path near JASstore.

Also pictured but not included in the mint event: hair by lamb, eyelashes by KOSH, skin by MIASNOW, and photo frame HUD by MIASNOW (these are unedited pics)

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