Choco-Mint Bunny, Baby!

There’s so much more to this adorable chocolate & mint bunny avatar from Apelz, but when taking the photos i just fell in love with the sweet face! The avie is very tiny, has a pert tail, & chunky little rabbit legs. It comes with an HUD which allows you to change the eye colors, ear placement, and choose from a number of eyelid positions. The parts, including shape, are modifiable. Pick this up while its featured at the mint event on Twomoons Island, and hurry because it ends on the 30th of this month and it’s on sale for L$130 until then! See the Marketplace listing. It comes complete, so you don’t have to wear clothes with it, but you can if you want. I’ve paired it here with the teal Minttu dress by BLUE BLOOD, and sparrow by Schadenfreude. The glowing spiral thingy in the water is L$10 during the mint event only! The white border with shading is part of the unedited screenshots, it’s a photo FX HUD by MIASNOW.


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