Rolling Hills & Discounts!

Beautiful lush green grass fields with gently rolling hills. Low-prim garden and lawn decor. Dense coverage.

Box includes:
3 shades of green (lightest shade is #1, darkest is #3)
8-prim rolling hills field
1-prim square patch
1-prim round patch
1-prim half round patch
1-prim almost round patch

You can scale the field smaller, but each part has a max size of 10x10m. You can mod & copy, so you can unlink a field and play with the parts to achieve the look you want. Add the Almost Round prims to soften edges. Half rounds might be nice in front of a house or structure. Layer the shades of green to help create depth. In the poster, I placed the lightest shade (#1) in the front, #2 in the middle, & #3 in the back. This grass looks great & moody with dark grey tints applied too.

Please see the item rezzed inworld & listed on the Marketplace. It is currently on top of the display box, reduced to a miniature view of the Almost Round prim.

Also, I have reduced the following items to L$55 each. And some others inworld only.

Grass Fantasy

Garden Ambiance

Glow Tree

Poppy Patch

Grass Meadow


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