Chevron Skirt & Stripe Tube Top Sets

Available inworld at MIASNOW and on the Marketplace.

Scripted texture change and scripted resize. Just touch. Inside & outside textures can be changed individually. Mix & match the waist and the bottom part of skirt.

Made of prims only, this outfit is peepable because there are no glitch layers underneath. There is also an option to make it seethru if you choose.

Includes 16 different skirt bottom chevron patterns, and 8 waistband & tube top colors in stripes.

The right fit is important. Please realize since this item is no mod, that you will only be able to adjust scale. 2 size skirts are included to help you find the right fit. Small and Large, plus Small, Med, & Large top options. You may get best results if you are able / willing to reduce your hip width and butt size. Looks best worn with simple AO’s which dont have alot of movement.

Individual, mod/copy versions are available inworld for the 8 basic colors, blue, green, sea, golden, purple, pink, orange, & tintable grey. The multi color versions are only available in this scripted fatpack.


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