Wardrobe is Freaking Amazing!

Yesterday, while logging on SL, i saw a message from LL prompting me to check out inventory organizational tools on the Marketplace. I always thought those things were scams or something, i just didn’t know (and don’t trust Marketplace’s rating system)… so seeing it announced so prominently made me think twice and i clicked over to check it out. immediately i was drawn to Wardrobe. the description sounded great, but i started getting kind of mad that LL doesn’t make a visual inventory part of it’s mainframe! why am i put in a position to trust some random avatar’s creation for something as important as my precious million L$ inventory! but oh well for now, thank goodness for people like Wardrobe’s creator, Carlyle Theas who make things to save the day. Wardrobe is currently L$699 and i blew almost that much recently on a Bloom Doll without even thinking about it, just like everyone else! so, i decided to give it a shot. as often is the case, Marketplace didn’t actually deliver the item, even though they never have a problem taking my money. Carlyle was quick to respond to my note asking for it inworld *huge bonus points for that!* and YaY!!! i’m so glad i decided to give Wardrobe a chance! i honestly love it already and recommend it recommend it recommend it! aren’t most SL’ers visual ppl? if you are, i think you might like it too.

***UPDATE*** Please see More & Better Info about WARDROBE post for more & better info!

The box includes a note that points you to an online guide which starts with a section for impatient ppl, like me. i was able to get the hang of uploading to my Wardrobe page in about 15 minutes. it does take time to take the pics for your Wardrobe and tag them of course, but at least the uploads are free and load almost immediately once you hit the refresh button on your page. then you can search your items (and save time) by using the tags you’ve chosen, and you can add notes to the items as well. in some viewers you can get dressed from your Wardrobe page. i use Viewer 2 which apparently doesn’t enable that feature (wtg LL), but at least i can see what i have visually and copy paste the name to find it in my inventory. so now, i no longer have to try on a cryptically named object to remember what it is, i can just see it. you can search by stacking tags too. for instance you could search “blue” “wood” and “table” at the same time to narrow your results.

Aren’t those Myopia glasses funny?!

Wardrobe would be perfect for keeping a visual record of any inventory item… skins, furniture, and all those things that get forgotten about like candy nomnoms and ice cream head attachments! and all your Wardrobe items have a privacy option so you can hide your unmentionables from public view (hehe). that is one thing i do not fully understand at this time… can anyone stumble upon a personal wardrobe, or is it only if the address is given? i can think of a few inventories i’d like to peep into. anyway if you try it, i hope you like it and have as good of an experience with it as i have so far.

(after seeing some of my eye collection all together in the above pic, i’ve decided to make some new eyes with more white showing because i just adore my tiny pupil .ID. Light Sensitive eyes (1st pic). and recently a customer mentioned the same thing, about preferring more white. i’ll get on it, so  stay tuned to MIASNOW for more eyewhites soon!)

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe is Freaking Amazing!

  1. Ty for this post!
    It would be perfect except for the nagging feeling that you might actually be inside my head… ok but really (LOL) I’ve seen the same products and thought the same things. I’ve drowned in my inventory and hoped for hope.
    TY for taking the risk and posting your findings in such a helpful way

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