Something Exciting This Way Comes. Call for Submissions!

*****UPDATE***** The time & place has changed! Join me and the other Best of Halloween Hosts HERE on FRIDAY between 9am-4pm SLT.

The blog I made was already posted HERE.

Ghostly greetings from MiaSnow! I’ve been invited to be one of the Hosts for this year’s new & official Best of Halloween program, held Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 on the Second Life website in the blogs & forums. *happy creepy dance*

So sneak on over to the SL website on Oct. 31, between 9am & 4pm SLT. That’s when I’ve been invited to participate in the Favorite Destinations Forum discussions, and I get to make a blog post! I’ll be so happy to see you there…please feel free to cheer me on, throw eggs, & share your ideas by joining in the conversation.

Maybe you can help me out! This is our opportunity to share all the people, places, & things that make SL such a fun place to be during October. Please send your suggestions in a notecard to MiaSnow Myriam. Best to title it Halloween Suggestion or something specific. Include SLURL, LM, blog link, description… basically any info that I can access & share easily. If it comes up in the blogpost or forum, I’ll be glad to mention as many submissions as I can, because there is so much to love in SL. You also will have chances to share what you like by joining the Halloween conversations in the forums.

For the blog post I can use info about freebies & cheepies… home, avatar, garden, vehicle, AO’s, poses, etc. And for the forums I am most interested in getting info about Halloween scary or cute destinations, & interactive objects/places. Oh, & events occurring during Oct. 31 & Nov. 1.

Thanks in advance for all the help! Feel welcome to post your suggestions here too & be sure to include links!

~MiaSnow Myriam

2 thoughts on “Something Exciting This Way Comes. Call for Submissions!

  1. credits: glasses, brain broach & collar by [bubble], eyes, skin & hair by MIASNOW, pose Del May, horns by Rue, bloody mouth, eyebrows & dress by La Malvada Mujer, Tatto from INSANYA, free-use textures from LostandTaken, & free-use font from

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