Best of Halloween Host ~Today

Hey Guys, Happy Halloween! Hope you plan to get into some wicked fun this weekend^^. Come on over to the SL forums today & show some LUV, pretty please! I’m hangin out in the Best of Halloween forum all day (till 4pm SLT). It’s a really good way to share the things you love about Second Life & Halloween^^

Also, if you are looking for deals, that’s what I’ve been researching the most for this gig… which, BTW in case you wondered (I would have)… LL just asked me to participate, so I said YES! I’m just volunteering my time because I love taking pics, shopping, looking for deals, & just love SL in general^^

Oh, but anyway… they also asked me to make a blog post for the SL website (!) & I was just too happy to do it. Would love to hear from you over there!!!!


One thought on “Best of Halloween Host ~Today

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