Group Gift!

Hello! i’m currently in limbo with my update groups. the Subscribe-o-Matic doesn’t work anymore & there is no response from their customer support so i’m not using that “service” anymore. i will probably move to Subscriber Kiosk soon-ish & will be able to move all the current o-matic scribers over to the new system. basically, you don’t have to do anything if you are already a subscriber. it sucks that so many of you haven’t been getting my notices! i’ve been doing stuff… like i’ve made a new store & set it up. please go check it out sometime!

anyway, for now, if you want to get this gift, you’ll have to join the regular, old-school SL group which takes up a slot. follow the beacon & click on the sign to join the group!

This lovely little Hanging Green Lantern is yours from me with Love ❤ ~Mia

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