Welcome Julie!

New skin by MIASNOW! The JULIE FATPacK includes a mod/copy shape & brow shaper, 4 skintones… light grey, pale, tan, & exotic, and 6 lip colors, an eyebrow addition (to make it a little bigger & wider), & beauty marks to add some extra freckles. The fatpack is only L$908 on the Marketplace, & as always – it’s a wee bit cheaper inworld, where you can also pick up the skintones & the shape individually. (but the FATPAck is a great deal!)

You can also purchase the makeup pack by itself. Try the DEMoS! It is made to look great for Julie, & might not work with every skin.

The first thing  Julie did when she was finished was go to the library!

Location: Glass Hill Library

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye

Shoes: Coco

Hair: lamb

Pose: Long Awkward Pose

Skin: JULIE Tan with eyebrow addition & black lipstick by MIASNOW



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