Twomoons Island is Beautiful Right Now!

It has been freezing on Twomoons Island lately, but somehow some of the island’s palm trees survive! And every so often, we notice new plants will sprout up overnight, more rainbows appear, & the whole place just becomes more & more lovely!

Sculpture by GROLLWERK.

If you use the current standard SL viewer, you can enable region settings which look great! The lighting however, is a standard WL setting, Blizzard. I’m afraid (I’ve been told) that other viewers are unable to see the gorgeous water…

Sculptures by GROLLWERK, trees & frost frame by MIASNOW, edited using Pixlr.

If you like to take photos in SL, there’s a Flickr group for the island & we’d love to see your snaps!

The frost frame is from an inworld photography HUD you can get, which also includes an animated snow! You just wear the HUD & touch it to change the textures, size, color, & transparency. It’s a pretty handy item with lots of options. So these snapshots are raw, then run thru Pixlr. They took about 1 minute each to edit!

Windmill by MnM Designs.

Clip-on ornament by Schadenfreude.

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