Polar Celebration Decor, Midnight Mania!

New & currently only available through the Midnight Mania display set up in MIASNOW Main Store. Target is 99, so get some friends to slap it too!

Your prize is this adorable, 13-prim, blinky-eye polar bear holding a star light in his sweet lil paws.

He sits upon a wedge of slick ice, in the middle of glittery snowy grass. Particles slowly rise from the ice, the star, & the grass. You can touch each part individually to turn them all on/off, or just one at a time, etc. Your option.

You may also modify & copy the prims, so you can resize it, play with colors, glow, etc to your liking. This means you can rez extras & use the parts to plant more grass or ice… a hidden bonus for you! The star texture is animated & flashes at a moderate speed. If the speed bothers you, edit that one prim & lower the opacity to make the animation less visible. You will not be able to alter any scripts inside.

Hope you like him! Enjoy! ~Mia


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