Puffling Present Pursuit Participant!

Welcome Ozimals’s newest breedable pets, the Pufflings! These adorable little birdys are beginning to explore outside of Oz & to celebrate, they want to give everyone gifts!

Ozimals Puffling sitting on the MIASNOW Stump Perch.

The Pufflings asked all their favorite creators to be part of the celebration, including MIASNOW! That means an exclusive prize made specially for the wee birds & you to enjoy together. The MIASNOW Stump Perch is a Perfect Place to Put your Pufflings & Pose with Particles! Annnnd, it comes in 3 colors, all included. It is copiable, so you can rez an extra one, unlink it, & have extra grass to plant around.

MIASNOW Stump Perch in fushia. Ozimals Pufflings not included.


Green, fushia, & blue all included. Exclusive prize for this event.

Only 7 prims. Poses are all animated, some simple & sweet, others silly. Seats at least 2 at the same time, maybe 3 (I can’t recall!). Menu-driven poses with easy adjust.

Float above, lay against, & get lost in the grass.


Flap your wings, err... arms, & daydream.

So by now you might be wondering, “How might I accrue such a fine specimen of non-existent virtual commodity?” Well step right up & take a swig of this… it’ll put hair on your chest…. *cough* err, wrong script. *shuffles papers*

Oh yes, here we are… THE PUFFLING PRESENT PURSUIT, instructions:

  • 1. Visit any of the Pufflings favorite creators, like MIASNOW & purchase an item with a red seal on it.
  • 2. Follow the instructions included inside the item you just bought. You will visit each location to validate your Passport HUD.
  • 3. When your Passport is full you may redeem it for one of the prizes, such as the MIASNOW Stump Perch!
  • 4. And lastly, buy as many items with red seals as you want. Fill all the passports to redeem more prizes!

2 thoughts on “Puffling Present Pursuit Participant!

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