Hey! Long time no see u…

Sneak peek of Bernadette, Brave as a Bear. By Trindolyn & MiaSnow in Poser Pro & PhotoShop. 2012

Hello! i’m just now logging in SL for 2012, & wanted to say hey & send u a little note. I’ve been AFKish, committing time to a collaboration with Trin Beck from India Ink Gallery on my Twomoons Island. OMG i’m excited about what we are creating… it will be available in SL & RL. This is just a sneak peek! It was my idea to wait until we have 4 finished before we show them off >.<! …1 down.

I’ve also updated my website to reflect my SL & RL work better. Please chk it if u have time! & keep up with me @FB!

Another thing… i’m looking for some mainstores to join us on the island. plz spread the word! Spring will bring new things to Twomoons Island… think rolling hills, a big central fishing lake, & a little wackado suburbia… contact MiaSnow Myriam inworld (via note is best). Limited availablibily & i’m especially interested in creators who devote time to making SL & RL art. Please spread the word!

More from me later. i hope you’re doing well, feeling happy & content with life. & if not, please remember to breathe deeply & love yourself. *snuggles*! ~Mia

P.S. (i also placed the adorable, animated STUMP PERCH for sale. it is no longer an event prize)

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