Alien Abduction Trailer Park, Rentals Available

Hello! I’m still putting the finishing touches on this new neighborhood on Twomoons Island, but there are a few rental spaces available right now. If interested, please contact MiaSnow Myriam via IM or note if offline. Very good rates & prim counts. Minimum 3 week & max 12 week (which offers a 20% discount). If you miss your chance now, the rental boxes are visible at all times & countdown how long the current renter has left. If they do not pay rent, the box will become available to rent so you can snatch it up. Try it for 3 weeks or plan to stay longer, it’s up to you. 100 prims & you can decorate your trailer parcel how you like, plus modify group prims. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics, please come visit! Hopefully you find it to be a lovely, kooky neighborhood shopping experience plus a relaxing place for recreation, & exploration… but no fornication plz hehe.

Beam up into the mothership for a 360 view of the island.

Citrus Hamster Trailer corner rental.

Shabby Green Trailer with bikes, ramp, dirt yard, fancy satellite dish, & a duck family living underneath.

Pink & green trailers on a shady, tree-lined street.

Forest Hamster Trailer, by the sea, near the woods.

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