We Gotz Fishing!

7Seas Fishing @Twomoons Island

Come check out the newly remodeled Twomoons Island. In the center near where you land is a lake for fishing! Currently you can fish to claim official 7Seas prizes, like wearable pet fish, annnnd win free stuff from Rue! There are also a few things floating around to catch from MIASNOW.

If you have never fished in SL… don’t worry, it’s easy! All you need is a 7Seas fishing rod & some bait. Both of those can be purchased from the vendor on the side of the dock. The prices are reasonable (& not set by me). Then all you do is attach a rod, /1 cast, & relax! 25% chance of catching a Rue gift!

I won the fish, eyepatch, & horn/tentacles by Rue while I was leveling up. Plus you get plenty of common fish which are transferrable, so you can seem crazy generous to friends who don’t know about 7Seas fishing. Let’s face it, a wearable pet fish that swims around in mid-air is a smile-maker for just about anyone!

❤ ~Mia

4 thoughts on “We Gotz Fishing!

  1. Yaaayyy! Quick question though…do we really need bait? Is that a location specific requirement that you guys set up? Cuz, I catch fish and outfit pieces at another store location and I don’t -have- to use bait….dying to know! I was just at Twomoons yesterday (and even wandered around your store wondering how many things I could afford then realized I didn’t have enough for everything I wanted so I have to be choosy) and will LOVE having a reason to stand around for much longer! lol ❤

    • oh thnx for the comment & the question. well in my experience…. i bought the pro rod & was able to cast 25 times before it told me to buy bait. the bait is L$30 for 100 casts. this is the only way i know to do it but maybe your rod is better than mine idk!

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