Book Nook

Lots of goodies new releases for your home by MIASNOW!

The Retro Bachelor Lamp is a lovely mesh item with excellent detail. i must admit that the original full perm object, which i bought from the Marketplace, was wonderful to begin with. i did try to add a little zest though! it has 8 scripted shade options & several base textures. you can change the base’s top part, side, & hole separately. lots of masculine fabrics & tones, but nice for ladies too!

Need a place to set down your new lamp?! some of the 18 back panel textures for this Book Nook shelf coordinate with the lamp. 6 wood textures to choose from… multiple looks can be achieved. Partially built with sculpts, this item holds its shape very well from a distance.

Place The (mesh) Ubiquitous Little Black Book on your bedside table or near a phone… show off what a playa you are!

More mesh books to express your strange interests… in a stack & individuals.

The Mystical Collection of mesh books will lend a dreamy vibe to your home!

Open sculpted book displays an excerpt from Erich Von Daniken.

And lastly, FREE mesh book decor ~ The Murakami Collection. they are free because i did not design the covers… i am simply a fan. even if you are not yet a Murakami fan, the books add a nice finishing touch to any shelf!

Enjoy! Everything is rezzed inworld so you can play with texture settings & view in 3D-person with your own eyeballys. Also find them for a squeeky bit mo L$ on the Marketplace.


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