Once a month, Twomoons Island inhabitants take out the “trash” for TRASHY TUESDAY – a one-day sale – items L$50 or less. Our trash is your treasure! OK, it’s not really trash, just an excuse to have a sale!


Pod People – Exclusive Shape (Petite) L$40

HORRIBAUBLES – Roses Are Red Bed (Creepy) L$45

INSANYA – Katyusha Jacket (Cropped Hoody) L$50

bubble – Green Wool Arm & leg warmers L$50

La Malvada Mujer – Nuclear Boobs L$40

MIASNOW – Skeleton Keys & Padlock Noms for the mouth (Unisex) L$50

Gilded – Harlequin Sculpted Mask & Pants L$25

JASstore – Circles Flower Patch L$50

MAD ECHO – Sparkle Bras L$50

V.C. DESIGNS – Karma Jewelry Set (Unisex) L$50

Lolapop! – Dark Embrace Necklace Emerald L$50

India Ink Gallery – Old A/C L$20, Wire crate L$10, Hi Voltage decor L$25

Here is a peek @ some of the stuffs…

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