Rainbows, Paintbrushes, Baubles Galore Gacha!

Come one, come all to the amazing Starlust Gacha Festival!

Starlust Gacha Festival @Floyd sim


Thank you Allegory Malaprop for inviting me to be part of the festival & considering me a friend of Starlust!

The festival area is small & manageable with low lag, so swing on by with a friend or 2 & check out all the adorable, wonderful, death-defying gacha items offered up from some truly amazing artists! As you can easily see from the pic above, Lolapop! is there, & has some new stuff to please including adorable resin owl pendants & new poses by Sakuradawn Lei! If you aren’t familiar with her work… think kawaii, anime, dolly-like poses!

MIASNOW is there too, with tons of rainbows, paintbrushes, & baubles galore!

MIASNOW's booth @ the festival

Paintbrush nom with drips & particle rainbows from UNISEX machine

Eyes & paintbrush nom from the UNISEX machine

Paintbrushes for your hair bun in the Female machine

Rainbow Particles Emanate from My Mind, particles attachment from UNISEX machine

Paintbrushes Behind My Ear, from Female machine but could be for unisex too

Bauble rings & paintbrush for your hand

Bauble Crown & Heart tears with particles

For more pictures & info, please click on over to my flickr stream! There are 18 prizes total!!! Each comes in a giftbag with a tag that says “From Me to You”, so you can transfer extras to friends. In their eyes, you will shine!

The background poster for the booth display, coordinates with the female & unisex menus


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