MIASNOW Hands Complete Info

Relaxed Hand Pose is the 1st release of many to come!

Get a close match for any skintone… even odd colors.

Customize your look with sophisticated HUDs.

A few of the HUDs which operate the hands.

Perfect for models, jewelry makers, & photographers.

Here I used the smudge & brush tools plus liquify.

Ring Bops on/off & Bangles included to hide seams.

Hide wrist seams with the included bangles.

Or wear your own jewelry… even rings!

Use the ADD option instead of WEAR.

Plus more…

Additional HUDs available & more to come. Also, many different hand poses coming soon.

See the poll at the bottom of the page to help me decide which ones come next!

Get this HUD for a rainbow of nail colors.

Get this HUD to color the Ring Bops.


Each sculpted hand is 69 prims. The HUDs are heavily scripted so be patient. Some changes take effect immediately, while others take longer. Not a low-lag product.

None of these photos have been PhotoShopped. The hands are not perfect, but they are still very very nice! The sculpts & skin textures were made by the original creator. I barely altered the pre-made shape & I only altered the tones for use in the HUD. If you see similar shaped/posed hands elsewhere, this is the reason why. I added the MIASNOW flair with the handy HUDs & lots of options!


– 3 Wrist positions

The straight position is perfect for most wear. It moves well with most AOs. Use the other two wrist positions for fun & posing (the top & bottom options).

– Rings On/Off


If you want only 1 ring on just change the position of the hand you wish to be ringless. The ring will remove. Touch each ring to toggle glow… you may need to approach it from an unexpected angle since invisible prims above it may block it from being touched.

– 10 Saved Colors presets

You can change them at any time. Click the button & it will bring up a menu asking to Load, Save, or Clear. Load means you are loading the color into the APPLY COLOR button.

– 15 Skintones + Color Picker + Shade Picker + RGB Value Input = a very close skin match!

– 6 Nails options

– Help button

Brings you back to this page.

– Rez Pose Stand

Helps you customize your hands. You must have rez rights to use it. It has a built-in backdrop to reduce visual clutter in the background while you customize the hands.

– 3 Metal Colors



1. ADD the alpha layer. It will hide your avatar’s original hands.
2. WEAR both hands. The scripts will take a moment to load.
3. WEAR the HUD. The scripts will take a moment to load.
4. OPTIONAL: If you want to use the pose stand feature: Make sure you are standing someplace where you have permission to rez objects. Click REZ POSE STAND. The stand will appear right near you. It’s invisible on 1 side so you may not see it, but your cursor will activate the sit option. Sit then click Esc. Your view will reset to *hopefully* be positioned on your hands. If not… just move your camera or use Crtl 8 & 0 to zoom in/out.
5. *Hopefully* the HUD functions are easy to understand! But if not, just click & see what happens. You can’t mess it up!

Attach the HUD Main Controller, alpha mask, & both hands.

On the HUD click REZ POSE STAND, sit, then click Esc for easy customizing. Pose stand is invisible on 1 side.

When you click Esc, your view will default... similar to this. Use Ctrl 8, 9, & 0 to alter your camera's distance.

Toggle the HUD open/closed when you need to move your camera. Esc takes your view back to default.

Click each ring to toggle glow. Make sure you turn off glow before removing the ring. If you can't enable glow with your first touch, change the angle which you approach it. Hidden prims may be blocking the click.

Touch each ring to toggle glow on/off. Make sure glow is turned off before you remove the ring or else the glow will remain. If you have trouble touching the ring, just move your angle. There are invisible prims which may block it.


How do I wear only 1 ring?

Move the wrist position of the hand you would like ringless. The ring will come off.

How do I wear both rings on 2 different wrist positions.

You can’t, I’m sorry!

In chat the HUD tells me to touch the hands to reset… do I need to do that?

Nope. Just ignore it unless the hands are not responding to the HUD.

Can I wear my own rings?

Yes! It seems to work pretty well… just ADD your ring, position it, & go!

Sometimes the HUD buttons don’t seem to work & I have to click twice. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

No, that just seems to happen on occasion, especially with the Rings On/Off buttons.

Why are there multiple Ring On/Off buttons?

I just didn’t know any other way to do it, that’s all! Click either side, it does not matter.

Why are there so many different HUDs? Why not just put all the options on 1?

SL has scripting limitations.

Will there be hands for males & kids too?

I hope so… & I want to make some weird hands too! Anyone interested in supernumerary digits?! Ghoul hands… Finger tats? Maybe special made-to-order wedding & engagement rings? The sky is the limit. I really enjoy making these & if they are successful I will be able to keep ’em coming!



These options involve the Advanced & Develop Menus. If those menus are not already available in your browser, you can activate them…

Preferences —> Advanced Tab


You can enable the Show Color Under Cursor function by using the Develop Menu.

Preferences —> Advanced Tab —> Show Develop Menu —>Develop Menu —> Show Info —> Show Color Under Cursor

ADJUST LOD (Level of Detail)

Open the Advanced Menu. Scroll down to Show Debug Settings. Type rendervolumeLODFactor & enter the value of 4.


Compare your MIASNOW Hands size & position with the original avatar hands. Just take off the alpha mask so you can see them. You might find that you have them placed too low, making your wrist look oddly long. I did the first time I used them. It is easy to get the size & placement right however, if you compare.


If you experience a failure of the HUD, touch the hands to reset or TP a less laggy region, relog, or empty your cache. Basically, try all the things you might normally try when dealing with an SL glitch.



Naturals Set

Hold On Set

Party Rock Set

Kawaii Set

I’d like to give a big thanks to myself for hanging in there while learning how to make an HUD.

Hope you enjoy this creation! ~Mia

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