Yummy Ring Bops

These 4-prim rings are easy to edit, so I did not script them… which will help keep you low-lag. The metal part looks great tinted almost any color, however 100% black is not suggested. All of the left-hand rings come pre-tinted in the black tone shown above. The right-hand rings are un-tinted silver. There are 17 colors to choose from, or just grab ’em all! Theoretically, you should be able to wear multiple rings on the same hand by attaching using the ADD function. However, i personally crash lately every time i try to select an object which is attached to my hand. Hopefully, this is not an issue for you. ***UPDATE: i realized the crash happens only while i am wearing mesh items.*** However, if you buy the copy/mod perm rings, you can rez them on the ground & group a few together for a full rainbow of flavor on your fingers!

There are several purchase options, all of which include the right & left hand rings. You can choose a single color for yourself (mod/copy perms) or buy a Fastpack for a HUGE DISCOUNT! Or pick up a Gifting Pack for a little more L, then you’ll have 34 rings! That’s plenty to keep all the colors you like & pass the extras to friends.

The rings are displayed upstairs in the Female Department. Take this TP for a red beacon that will point you to the exact location.

The MOD/COPY & MOD/TRANS fatpacks are on the Marketplace.

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