News from Mia

Hey everybody!

A lot has happened this month, many changes! It all started with me whipping up some dramatic pleas for someone to buy or share my island, Twomoons. I was about to give up, because coming up with LL’s land tier for a whole island… well, it was competing with my RL land tier! Some of my friends helped get the word out. Thanks guys. And, there was a lovely angel of an avie who offered to buy the island & let me stay on 1/4 of it. Thank you very much, that was an amazing option to consider. In the end however, ALL IS WELL!

Twomoons Island is still up & running, better than ever. Some of the awesome creator girls from the legendary Floyd sim, now live on Twomoons! Check it out: ~silentsparrow~, Schadenfreude, Miss Shippe’s Studio, & Pig! Plus, there are the Apothecary & Snow in the Fox, which are Hya’s & Alle’s collaborative efforts. Oh, & a huge, leopard print bra that houses intimate apparel.

Alien Abduction Trailer Park is still around, but smaller. Home to [bubble], INSANYA, [ni.Ju], *Leafy, LOULOU & Co, GROLLWERK, V.C. DESIGNS, & DooDads. We are slowly setting up the pink WELCOME trailer with gacha items, souvenirs, etc.

Also, we still have some of the original Twomoons Island main stores: Rue, JASstore, MIASNOW, Lasaki, La Malvada Mujer, & India Ink Gallery.

I have retired everything old from my store… just ruthlessly deleted it from Marketplace & inworld. There are still items in my store, so you can still browse & purchase my newer stuff. In the theater is the female department. unisex items are located at the snack bar, & home & garden is outside on the side of the building. Everything that is a prim item is displayed someplace on my parcel, probably in the garden outside or in the trailer which is the still room.

I do plan on re-doing many of my older items, so never fear! the popular creations will be making updated returns!

In the meantime, I am happy to sell ‘retired” items to you directly. However, IMs cap every day so please don’t offline IM me about it. Each “retired” item will cost you L$100, no matter what it is.

Also, please check out my FB page & Like it if you like it! I post things about SL & RL art-related stuff. Annnnnd, if you are looking for a new iPhone cover or wall art by any chance, check out my S6 shop that i share with Trindolyn Beck (from India Ink Gallery). we have some beautiful, edgy art for sale there^^! so far we only earned enough to buy half a pack of gum… we’d really looooove some sales, so please spread the word & send your friends there!

Love you long time,




0 thoughts on “News from Mia

  1. Hugs Mia, I’m glad you found some people to help out with Twomoon. I’ve watched you and your stores go from strength to strength, ever since the small store in Doc’s mall in 2007. The same mall I was given the chance to have my first small store. I’ve since moved to another grid, driven away by the high cost of prims and land. While i never spent much in SL (except on LL tier!) I’ve kept an eye on what MIASnow makes, admiring the gorgeous colors, quirky and original designs. You are one of my favorite makers in SL and one of my favorite artists in any world.

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