Oh Hey Lookit Some Pics!

Twomoons Island, raw snapshot taken back in May, in Firestorm using some kind of Torley light setting.

Another snap from May of the entrance-ish to Twomoons Island, the WELCOME area @ the Alien Abduction Trailer Park! How many more names & titles can we fit in? Oh, many many more! Twomoons Island is home to Two Moons and Lusty Stars- Starlust at Twoomoons Island, plus MIASNOW, JASstore, GROLLWERK, LOTS OF CAPSLOCK, a huge bra, what? yep, & an apothecary, Fox in the Snow, what are we talking about? GREAT PLACES TO VISIT ON TWOMOONS, A WHOLE CRAP-LOAD ‘O CREATIVITY, & CAPS & names & titles & ampersands.


Just one more pic… my smilin’ avatar. she’s wearing MIASNOW Sweety Skin with the white lashes that come with it, plus Dolly Freckles which are a cheepie also from MIASNOW. The lips are from Leafy… she has a trailer at the Trailer Park, so check it out. & say ‘out’ like you are from Canada… CHECK IT OOT!


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