Peace Hands available now inworld @ MIASNOW! & on the Marketplace.

The right hand has a Ring Bop option on the middle finger (as shown above). The left hand has the ring option on the ring finger. All MIASNOW hands come with bangles which are scripted with many color & texture options. They help hide the seams where the hands & wrist meet. You may also wear your own jewelry or choose none. It is not very difficult at all to retouch your snapshots if the seam shows. Just use a little blur or smudge tool.

I also decided to re-make the poster for the Relaxed Hands. Just try the demo if you want to understand the hands more fully.


Also, each hand comes with an additional Skin-Tone HUD. So, besides the colors shown on these HUDs, there are even more to choose from. Plus, you can tint the skin any color & input your own RGB. Rings show or not, your choice. A few other add-on HUDs are available inworld for purchase. They work with every MIASNOW hand. There are nails options & Ring Bop colors!

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