Oh hey. I spent the day giving everybody & everything… the MiDDLeZ faNGERz! Do it, you’ll feel excellent, I guarantee!

New MIASNOW Bird Finger Hands are on sale for L$195 thru 7:30 PDT Tuesday September 28.

I worked on the HUD for this hand, & got rid of some of the features used in the HUDs for the Relaxed & Peace Sign Hands. This one is a simple 23 prim attachment with no wrist positions built into the HUD. I like it better, hope you do too. Lower lag, plus it is simple to just use edit mode to move the hand if you need to. Also, with these hands you can toggle the rings on & off for each hand separately. Comes with a RED RING BOP, but you can buy optionally, an HUD for the ring colors. There are also nail HUDs that work with all MIASNOW Hands.

Inworld & on the Marketplace.


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