Hey Guys!

If you go to MIASNOW today (9/25/2012 ONLY!) & spend L$666 or more… I will send you L$666 (or more) worth of stuff!


Here’s how it works:
Spend at least L$666 at the store inworld or even on the Marketplace. Today ONLY. Now, that is all you have to do. I will look at the sales this evening & send you L$666 worth of similar or related items. If you want anything in particular, just send a NOTE & please include your full name & your transaction time or info from the website would be handy. That’s it^^! Also, if you want me to send the L$666 worth of stuff to your friend, I will… just send me a NOTE & include their full name too.

I will send your items by tomorrow.

Anyone who has experienced it, knows that sometimes I go crazy & send more than I promise…. !

~MiaSnow Myriam

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