Come Into My Parlor…

Hello! I have some news… MIASNOW mainstore was able to stretch out a bit again & play with a bit more prims. i parked a huge building with lots of room for future releases, & i’m busy getting old stuff out too. i’ve been checking prices too & making sure everything is affordable. Still some work to do, like put the male department back out. i will!

The front of the building & the entrance, to the right.



I set up 2 Halloween areas. this one is for the Home & Garden items. The there’s another setup in the Avatar Items room…


Also, right inside the entrance i set up a super clean, hopefully easy to manage NEWEST ITEMS area. All the areas are clearly defined now. hope shopping is fun again at MIASNOW for you! i like it much better so far myself!



2 thoughts on “Come Into My Parlor…

  1. GAHHHH! I am soooooo happy to read about this! I’ve been really missing spending lots of time ooging over your home & garden items and I am thrilled to hear that items for men will be back! Yours was the ONLY place in all of SL that my partner/bf was able to find a skin that suits him beautifully! Congrats on everything, Miss Snow.

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