MiaSnow at The Arcade

On Dec. 1, The Arcade reopens! I’ll be there with a new couple of items! Introducing the MIASNOW “Get the Look” Gacha ~HELENA. Outfit inspired by this photo of Helena Bonham Carter from Vogue UK, June 2012.

15 chances to win. L$50 per play.

Let me expand: There are 10 different color big lollys, so each time you pay, you might get any of these. It is really the “main event” of my gacha creation. They transfer, so you can spread the fun of huge lolly pops to your friends. A hold pose is inside the sucker & should work with your AO. Then there is also a box each for the platform shoes (both Leo & blk come in same box), a static pose as shown above, the lingerie comes in one box & includes panty hose & a garter version too, & finally the off shoulder coat illusion.

Hope you like it! At The Arcade all December long.


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