Oh Hai

miasnow update may 2013


Hello you kind and lovely people who have given a doodle about my recent SL issues. Everything is OK now. I’m sans island, but OK with it, and still able to log in. I want to apologize if any of my recent posts seemed dramatic. I was just trying to share what was going on at the time. I really thought my avatar would be left in poor standing, unable to log in at all. It ended up that I found a Linden who was able to unfreeze my account so I could cash my L’s.

Anyway, I logged in today to shower -all you awesome folks who helped out- with gifts and thanks! If I missed you PLEASE let me know. Thank you thank you thank you! I saw so many familiar names and repeat visits, along with lots of boyfriends of the female shoppers pitching in too.

Also, I’m working on my Marketplace page for a bit to make it look better and more cohesive. New price points for all items: L$1, 10, 45, 95, 125, 195, 295, or L$395. (In progress)






5 thoughts on “Oh Hai

  1. I’ve been a bit busy lately and didn’t realize all that was going on on your end until now, but I”m glad to hear everything is alright! I’m sorry all that happened to you. šŸ˜¦ I’m sure a lot of people, including myself, will miss Twomoons island.

    I enjoyed being part of it since the very beginning!

  2. I just now saw all of this great update news, Miss Snow. I am sooooo thrilled that you are going to be back in SL, and I do hope that means that you will be able to keep your inworld store, and all of the creativity behind it going for a very long time to come!

  3. OMG – wish i had known about all this – only found out cos i was cleaning out the folder will all my SL emails… you are right SL is too expensive… I gave up on them 3 yrs ago… since then I have had a huge 45000 prim full sim in InWorldz for the princely sum of $75 per month, Free uploads, a growing economy on a supremely stable technical base and with responsive grid owners. if you want to give IW a go Mia give me a buzz when you have an account – I’m the only quadrapop there.

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