Visit PUMPKIN TOWN! Oct 1st – Halloween. Pumpkin Town Blog.


Here’s a guide for finding more photos & information about each of my Pumpkin Town store’s products. Click the links below. All connect to my Marketplace listings.

1 thru 15


1. Walker Betty Skin -Not currently on the Marketplace

2. Pale Mesh Eyes

3. Black Mesh Eyes

4. Web Lashes

5. Lisbeth Makeup Mask

6. Grape Squirt Candy

7. Nails HUD 1 for Slink

8. Nails HUD 2 for Slink

9. Nails HUD 3 for Slink

10. Zomba Bloody Mess Skin

11. Muerto Miguel Skin

12. Muerto Maria Skin

13. Witch Hat with Potion Stash

14. Poison Apple Outfit

15. Flashback Skins

16 thru 31


16. Books

17. Worn Tapestry Rugs

18. Halloween Draped Crates

19. October Ballroom Chandelier

20. October Rugs

21. Fence & Trellis Set 1

22. Mourning Curtains

23. Spiderweb Curtains -not on the Marketplace yet

24. Fence & Trellis Set 2

25. Hanging Moss Dollarbie

26. Pumpkin Plant

27. Mustache Man Skull Decor

28. Creepy Mossy Tree

29. Number 13 Wall Hanging

30. Cutie Skull Decor

31. October Piano Decor -Pumpkin Town Hunt Item!! Visit my Pumpkin Town store and hunt for the skull.

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