Some Awesome MIASNOW Skins

I put together some photos to show a few MIASNOW skins which will be awesome for your Halloween (at good prices too!) All these are on the Marketplace. Follow the links below 🙂



All skins above are shown with Shiny Black Mesh Eyes.

1. F%cked Up Franny

2. Muerto Maria

3. Beautiful Death Beth

4. Walker Ambrosia  (the only one out of this selection which includes appliers for Slink & Tango)

5. Johanna Cosmic Traveler

6. Zombina

7. Zombish

8. Wicked Woman

9. DevilDoll

10. Alien Grey

11. Chronica

12. Zomba Bloody Mess


5 thoughts on “Some Awesome MIASNOW Skins

    • Thnx for asking, I’ll think about it! I want to make new things but revisit/redo/revamp some items to make them new. I’d love to make some more shimmery aliens^^

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