To Azz or Not to Azz

Musings on the topic of avatar add-ons.

So, last night I found myself finally trying a Phat Azz demo… and I LOVE.

I went back this morning to buy it (includes a developers kit which is NICE, and I plan on using it for my new store MIA14 *coming soon*). I got confused though, because I see they also offer “Cute Azz” now… a smaller add-on a$s (in case you didn’t know). Arghhh all the options! Well, I’m definitely trying Cute Azz but don’t know if I’ll be buying it… just seems like so much work (and money) for all the add-ons folks want. So that’s what I’d like to ask you about…

What options do YOU want included in a skin set from me?

I also tried the Loud Mouth demo (which comes with a developers kit too) and I see the possibilities for designers. The main thing I actually LOVE about it are the teeth add-ons. Buck teeth here I come!

What do you think? Do you use any of the above-mentioned add-ons? Should I make any other Lolas appliers besides Tango?

There was a time when everyone wanted (from skin sets) various color hair bases (are they still in demand?), cleavage, no cleavage, eyebrows, no eyebrows, etc etc etc and on and on! I could never keep up to be honest. So, I’d just love to hear what it is you guys like/want these days so I can decide what to deliver – meaning mesh add-ons, tattoo layers, variations, etc. Lemme know in comments below plz!

❤ *hugs*



Phat Azz  (Where can I find Phat Azz? It is located directly near the entrance at Luck Inc. on the left and Cute Azz is on the right.)

Loud Mouth



MIA14 *coming soon*


19 thoughts on “To Azz or Not to Azz

  1. Honestly I have phat azz, both Lola breasts, slink and loud mouth. Loud mouth looked strange to me without a tattoo layer for seamlessness, that azz is ok depending on skin and windlight. The only one I use regularly is slink hands and feet, lolas works wonderfully with or without a tattoo layer. It’s expensive trying them out properly. Eye brows are great but there is some cute eyebrow tattoos so I guess you could offer both on one skin or a fat-pack of with brows and one without. I don’t use cleavage but some might still. I hope this helps. Slink, lolas seem like a must. The others maybe a separate purchase.

  2. Agreed with the slink everything and bewbs. I have none but it’s what seems to be most popular. Though with all of these enhancments, I juat can’t bring myself to buy them, it just seems silly in the end. I think I can wait for avatar 2.0 or whatever it is they’re thinking of coming out with.

    Best bang for your buck Mia, I think, would be the slink hands and feet and bewbies along with the hot crossed buns you’re fab about ^_^

  3. All good ideas.

    I need to see if Gos is adding your textures to their feet add-inside. I use slink and Gos, and like Gos’s interface a bit more.

  4. the good news is that the appliers you make for Phat Azz will work on the Cute Azz XD. I do agree with Sileny though, people love their slink hands/feet and the boobies. I always loved your cleavage options you had because I’m too lazy to put on the fake boobies.

  5. Yes. Yes and more yeses. I love the Walker skins and would love to see extra for them. And more of them! And more scary sexy skins. Yuppers.

  6. I personally just use SLink things.
    Not a fan of the TnA stuff going around. Loud Mouth is nothing I use but can see as useful because they allow you to be way more detailed with lip textures.

    For things that I would like to be included in a skin pack at the moment: various eyebrow color options as well as a no brow option. Shading for different boob sizes. Freckles/moles tattoo layers.
    Some skin stores include all of their SLink stuff in the actual skin pack as well but only a rare few, most stores milk their customers with all the add-on textures.
    But that’s just me and I think the eyebrows are actually the most important. If need be, there are tattoo layers.

  7. I’d mostly be interested in of course SLink appliers and also Loud Mouth appliers for sure since I haven’t seen enough appliers for them. I have some mesh boobies as well, like Lola and Lush, but I haven’t been using them much anymore which is a shame considering how much they cost. Also, I’m not quite sure why people are into the mesh asses now since I’ve never looked at my avatar’s ass and thought this needs to be improved. Different eyebrow options would be nice like no brow because I sometimes use a tattoo layer for my eyebrows.

      • Yes that’s what I think too. For so long even tho I’d see other’s photos of Azz, I thought it was just an as$ attachment. When I put them on tho, I was happy with how smooth the whole leg area is and the inner thigh area is much nicer (not blocky with sharp edges like normal avatar thighs).

  8. I love the slink hands and feet and I bless creators who include them in their skin packs without charging extra. I do like Lolas Tango (and used them with one of your Walker skins in a pic…). I also love no-brow. Your no-brow is aces. I am going to check out the azzes, but I can’t see it being more than a novelty.

  9. Just to put it out there. AMD has released a baby bump mesh belly add-on that is wonderful and some skin makers are slowly supporting them. I think they are adorable and might be great to include in your list of supported add-ons. I agree with everyone about all SLink and boobs. There is this one cheap boobs that are out there that I would love to see more people to support but they are extremely awkward. BBusty Magnus Boobs. Oh and Puffy! Breasts too.

  10. Just to echo everybody else, Slink appliers please. At this point I won’t even buy a skin that doesn’t include them or have them available. I love some brow variations, as well as cleavage / breast size options. So much nicer when it’s on the skin and I am not trying to match a cleavage enhancer.

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